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An easier approach to healthy living.

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be difficult

I’ve tried it all and nothing worked. I decided that it was all too complicated and I needed to simply my life, so that’s what I did! I wanted a program with no restrictions, no judgements, and minimal brain power. That program doesn’t exist, so I created my own! The picture you see here is my before and after, exactly 1 year apart and over 70 lbs lighter. If I can do it, you can do it!

Think about it…

What would life look like next year if you started today?


You’ll learn a new way of looking at food and movement. We’ll work your mind and your mind will change your body!


Change the relationship between your body and your nutrition. This is how you keep it off!

Holistic approach

No gimmicks, no fad programs, no secrets. We’ll learn how to make better choices together!


What my clients say

When friends asked what I was using to lose weight, they got mad that I didn’t have anything to sell them. I love this approach because it’s easy and it’s my new lifestyle!


I love how easy this is. Logically, I know what to do, but it’s different when you show me. I feel wonderful. Thanks Claudia! I’m really enjoying your program!