Hi, I'm Claudia!

It's no secret that in order to grow your business, more people need to know about you – that's where I come in. I love empowering small business owners with strategies and tools to help reach their goals. Whether it's through strategic networking events, digital marketing, or finding the right essential oils to get through any situation, my approach is all about purpose.

As the founder of Small Business Breakthrough and One Amazing Women's Network, I'm no stranger to the challenges entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. The trick is in overcoming those challenges and feeling supported when all you feel is alone.  Remember, just because you're in business for yourself, you don't need to do it all by yourself – You're not alone!   

Below are three different ways we can work together...

Digital Marketing

Visit Small Business Breakthrough to learn more about the various services Claudia's team is able to assist you and your small business with to ensure a strong online presence.

OAWN One Amazing Women's Network

Visit OAWN.com to find out more about this AMAZING community that offers online and in-person networking, education, and business growth opportunities.

Essential Oils

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Claudia is able to provide unique and effective support solutions for just about every challenge you encounter. Solutions include Essential Oils, Personal Care, and Home Care options.

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