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Looking for ideas for your social media marketing videos?

In this article, you’ll learn FIVE types of short marketing videos that help you stand apart from the competition.

You’re probably tired of hearing that you need to create more videos. I feel you. I resisted for the longest time, saying to myself that I didn’t like watching videos on my Facebook newsfeed. Yet, the number of videos on Facebook seem to increase exponentially.  So, rather than fight the OBVIOUS trend, I embraced it.  At first, I’d get hung up on questions, and insecurities, like:

  • “What should I talk about?”
  • “Does my hair look ok?”
  • “What if nobody watches it?”
  • “Am I using the right equipment?”

and the list goes on….. and on… and on…

If you’re not used to being in front of a camera, getting started can be a bit overwhelming.


…it gets easier, I promise!

Just tune out that little voice in your head, keep recording and know that you’re doing great!

5 types of videos you can create quickly so that you’ll always have “something to talk about”…

#1: Show Your Personality

Behind-the-scenes videos are where people get to know you a little bit better.  As Business Professionals, we spend a lot of time showing up as the expert.  Showing your personality, showing people why you do what you do, videos like that isn’t about focusing on what you know, it’s about showing how you can relate to one another.

#2: Focus on Positioning

Positioning videos are a great way to address “how” you help someone.  How do you serve your audience?

By sharing how you serve your audience, you can further connect with someone seeking out your services.

The key to remember here is that Positioning videos aren’t about selling.

In a Positioning video, speak to a single person and keep it short, 60-90 seconds max.

A sample script may look something like:

* Are you…., do you, or I know you’re * my name is…
* I will help you do this…..
* Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and you’re ——— … what will that do for your business?
* When you’re ———, you’ll be able to do … (list what they’re giving back, example, spend more time with your family, go on vacation, hire more help, etc…)

#3: Service or Product Video

This is probably one of the easiest videos to create because you’re simply talking about your product or service.

Because you’re so familiar with the subject matter, you’ll want to find ways to make the video more interesting and meaningful to your audience.

#4: Promotional Video

If you’re not letting people know how to work with you, you’re not selling and making money.

Promotional videos are about selling.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

A great place to use promotional videos is on your Opt-In or Landing Page.

Promotional videos also do well on social media when it’s peppered throughout your other posts. Think 80/20. Where 80% of the time you’re sharing your genius and 20% of the time you’re asking for something.

#5: Social Proof Videos

You may be wondering what social proof is, exactly.  Hootsuite described it best when they wrote,

“Social proof is a psychological phenomenon referring to people’s reliance on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is right and what is wrong in a given situation. Social proof is a concept as old as marketing itself—think of the testimonials in ads.”1

So basically, social proof is when someone else is talking about your product.

Social proof videos do great on your website because it helps the visitor confirm that they’re making the right decision because somebody else has worked with you and is satisfied with the results.

But, don’t be afraid to use them on social media as well. Social proof videos are a great way to move a person from one phase of the marketing funnel to the next.


One of the biggest challenges an entrepreneur faces is to figure out how to show up in a way that showcases their talents, yet lets others get to know them better.  Video is a great tool to help you show up in a way that others aren’t.  Focus on creating videos for every stage of the marketing funnel and allows viewers get to know you, like you and trust you.

What do you think? Do you use some of these types of videos to market your service-based business on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram? On your website? What tips can you offer? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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