Peak Performance: You Must Be Present To Win

Peak Performance Coach Rick Sessinghaus shares how we can be our best every day

Rick Sessinghaus - Winner Must Be Present - Peak Performance Coach

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. There’s so much that a person has to do just to make it through the day. And, at the end of the day, there may be the wonder of where the day actually went. So how do we, the entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs of the world succeed when there’s simply so much to do? We use these peak performance strategies… (more…)

On January 31st, I had the opportunity to speak about Social Media. We spoke about the following:

  • How to get started with Social Media
  • The types of things you should be posting
  • Where compassion and empathy comes into play with social media
  • How to get started with Facebook advertising
  • Why Facebook Live is important
Date: January 31, 2007
Time: 12:35 p.m.
Appearance: Getting Started With Social Media – Live on AM 1220 KHTS
Format: Radio

Calculating Lifetime Client Value

and how it relates to ROI

You put in all this money into marketing and then wonder if it was worth it. Has this thought ever crossed your mind?  Let’s face it, we’re entrepreneurs, of course it has! If you’d like to finally know if it’s worth it, keep reading.

Opening a new business can be extremely exciting, especially as momentum builds and clients start walking through the door. And rather than stop to evaluate our progress, we continue through daily routines of servicing and attracting clients, like a horse with blinders/blinkers on.  

It’s a thrill to move at such a quick pace, not worried about anything behind you, or on either side.  But there comes a time when you need to stop and take a moment to work out your numbers.

One of the numbers that we often miss is the Lifetime Client Value (LCV).  And, yet, it’s the one number that can really help us determine if we’re making the right decisions when it comes to marketing, and even in calculating your future income.

Wondering why?


Warning: Social Media Charlatans Are Everywhere

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency to work with? Look out for social media charlatans

Avoid Social Media Charlatans

I love the term “charlatan” because it pretty much calls a person out.

Lately, it seems like every time someone leaves their employer, their fallback is to open up a social media agency.  I admit that it’s both flattering and annoying.

Flattering —  Because apparently, they feel that this is a growing industry filled with opportunity.

Annoying — Because many of these new pop-up agencies need this guidance themselves, but won’t admit it. In fact, they often think that they have a handle on digital advertising because they’ve posted and boosted before.

Why is this dangerous for marketers?


Responding to negative comments on social media

and handling them with grace

How to respond to negative comments on social media

When you open yourself up to do business, you’re also opening yourself up to critique.

Give an unsatisfied customer a smartphone, and just like that – social media sites become a pulpit of sorts. I admit: Addressing complaints is not the most glamorous part of social media or business, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

Let me give you an example.  

A local business owner extended a promotion through one of those coupon sites, but it had expired. A woman purchased the offer but did not redeem it in time. When she contacted the business, she was informed of the expiration. She didn’t like that the coupon had expired and felt that it should be honored.  The business owner agreed, however, she didn’t feel like she was treated correctly, so she took to the business’s Facebook Page to voice her dissatisfaction. The business owner responded to the complaint with the “rest of the story;” however, it only seemed to agitate her further, and comments continued on both sides. In the end, nobody appeared to be satisfied, and the woman took to a second social media channel to voice her dissatisfaction.

Now, had this exchange occurred in person, it probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. A conversation would have transpired, and everybody would have gone about their day. But since this conversation occurred on social media, it lingers.

So what could have been done differently?


Introduction To Facebook Ads

Creating promotions from your Facebook Page

Facebook Ads

Facebook can get your business in front of your ideal target audience with minimal effort.  I’m not aware of any other channel that does that.  Magazines, television, radio ad, newspaper, and even direct marketing may or may not get you in front of your ideal client.

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably fall into one of the following three categories: (more…)

Building Influence: Part 3

Content that engages the masses

Building influence and rising above the noise is not an easy task.  I’m not going to lie to you: It takes work and plenty of it.  The question is: Are you willing to put in the work?  If you are, then you want to continue reading because I’m going to share with you three ways you can gain followers and gain influence on social media.


Building Influence: Part 2

Connect with others who share your passion

Getting started with social media is rather easy.  To open an account, all you need is a valid email address and a username.  Start posting interesting content, and just like that, you’ve created the foundation of becoming an influencer.  This is the reason that social media is so attractive: In a matter of minutes, you could have set yourself up to be “the next great thing” without even knowing it.

I previously introduced the idea of the hobbyist who finds herself sharing her passion for cooking through Facebook and inadvertently became an influencer.  An influencer is simply someone others listen to.  For example, think about the last time a recipe popped up on social media, and in that moment, you decided what was for dinner.  Unbeknownst to you, the person who made or shared that post influenced your next meal.

But how does one start down the road to becoming an influencer?  You need to establish a following.  Here’s the three-step process:


Building Influence: Part 1

Harness your passion and share it with the world

Passion is a crazy thing.  Defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something,” passion has swept us all up at some point in our lives.  Some of us find this huge, can’t-ignore-it-even-if-I-wanted-to passion that ultimately becomes our career, while others are happy finding passion in hobbies, causes or relationships.  Whatever your passion, you’re not alone.

The Internet has empowered us with the tools to explore our passions even further, while Social Media has enabled us to share them.  Whether it’s a tutorial on YouTube or a group on Facebook, we find ourselves with readily available resources at the click of a button.  You’re no longer left struggling to find a group who shares your interest; all you have to do now is build connections through Social Media.