Your Facebook Ad Isn’t The Problem

Not focusing on the problem is the problem.

Why did you get into business?

I'm going to guess that it's because you had this amazing idea and you felt that it could solve someone's problem. Afterall, if it solves a pressing problem, then who wouldn't be willing to pay for the solution?  But how do you get the word out?  Enter Facebook… (more…)

Facebook Videos are HOT HOT HOT!

Creating Video to Market Your Business on a Budget

Creating Facebook Videos on a budget

Are you using videos on Facebook yet? Why not??? Seriously, it's one of the easiest and most effective marketing tools in your marketing toolbox and you need to take advantage of it while it's HOT! Want to learn how to create videos on a budget? (more…)

Don’t lose those Facebook leads!

What to do with your leads once you get them

How to follow up with Facebook leads

What do you do with all of those Facebook leads that you've collected? It wouldn't surprise me if you said “nothing”. In fact, many business owners have a process in place to convert a client once they walk through their doors, but don't have a process in place to convert an online lead.  Would you like to know what to do? (more…)

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Think before purchasing

social media courses

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I was hungry to learn!  As a result, I've spent nearly $100,000 on programs, courses and tools that I felt would give me a slight edge.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have stopped and asked myself these three questions first: (more…)

Peak Performance: You Must Be Present To Win

Peak Performance Coach Rick Sessinghaus shares how we can be our best every day

Rick Sessinghaus - Winner Must Be Present - Peak Performance Coach

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. There's so much that a person has to do just to make it through the day. And, at the end of the day, there may be the wonder of where the day actually went. So how do we, the entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs of the world succeed when there's simply so much to do? We use these peak performance strategies… (more…)

Make Videos Your New Best Friend

Get more exposure on social media for free!

Marketing your business through videos on a budget

If you’re not using video to promote your business, it’s time you start!


Because video is currently the #1 way to capture the attention of the audience you’re going after for your business. And if that’s not reason enough, then consider these three reasons:

On January 31st, I had the opportunity to speak about Social Media. We spoke about the following:

  • How to get started with Social Media
  • The types of things you should be posting
  • Where compassion and empathy comes into play with social media
  • How to get started with Facebook advertising
  • Why Facebook Live is important
Date: January 31, 2007
Time: 12:35 p.m.
Appearance: Getting Started With Social Media – Live on AM 1220 KHTS
Format: Radio

Calculating Lifetime Client Value

and how it relates to ROI

You put in all this money into marketing and then wonder if it was worth it. Has this thought ever crossed your mind?  Let’s face it, we’re entrepreneurs, of course it has! If you’d like to finally know if it’s worth it, keep reading.

Opening a new business can be extremely exciting, especially as momentum builds and clients start walking through the door. And rather than stop to evaluate our progress, we continue through daily routines of servicing and attracting clients, like a horse with blinders/blinkers on.  

It’s a thrill to move at such a quick pace, not worried about anything behind you, or on either side.  But there comes a time when you need to stop and take a moment to work out your numbers.

One of the numbers that we often miss is the Lifetime Client Value (LCV).  And, yet, it’s the one number that can really help us determine if we’re making the right decisions when it comes to marketing, and even in calculating your future income.

Wondering why?