Warning: Social Media Charlatans Are Everywhere

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency to work with? Look out for social media charlatans

Avoid Social Media Charlatans

I love the term “charlatan” because it pretty much calls a person out.

Lately, it seems like every time someone leaves their employer, their fallback is to open up a social media agency.  I admit that it’s both flattering and annoying.

Flattering —  Because apparently, they feel that this is a growing industry filled with opportunity.

Annoying — Because many of these new pop-up agencies need this guidance themselves, but won’t admit it. In fact, they often think that they have a handle on digital advertising because they’ve posted and boosted before.

Why is this dangerous for marketers?


Responding to negative comments on social media

and handling them with grace

How to respond to negative comments on social media

When you open yourself up to do business, you’re also opening yourself up to critique.

Give an unsatisfied customer a smartphone, and just like that – social media sites become a pulpit of sorts. I admit: Addressing complaints is not the most glamorous part of social media or business, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

Let me give you an example.  

A local business owner extended a promotion through one of those coupon sites, but it had expired. A woman purchased the offer but did not redeem it in time. When she contacted the business, she was informed of the expiration. She didn't like that the coupon had expired and felt that it should be honored.  The business owner agreed, however, she didn’t feel like she was treated correctly, so she took to the business's Facebook Page to voice her dissatisfaction. The business owner responded to the complaint with the “rest of the story;” however, it only seemed to agitate her further, and comments continued on both sides. In the end, nobody appeared to be satisfied, and the woman took to a second social media channel to voice her dissatisfaction.

Now, had this exchange occurred in person, it probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. A conversation would have transpired, and everybody would have gone about their day. But since this conversation occurred on social media, it lingers.

So what could have been done differently?


REWORK available on Amazon

REWORK (Crown Business, 2010)

What book inspired you to walk the path you're walking today in business?

You know those memories Facebook shows us? Well, this came up today, from 2013, a time when I was searching for direction in business. I remember reading this book, REWORK, and thinking that I should change how I was doing things.

Probably the biggest lesson I took away from REWORK is to stop talking and start doing – or in my case, stop trying to get everything perfect and just start doing it. It's a simple concept, the concept that “Good is good enough” and yet it remains one of my biggest challenges today.

So if you're on the fence about starting something new, remember that you're not alone and that we've been there, I've been there. With a little guidance, a little faith, and a whole lot of desire, you can start your business. Oh, and work, don't forget a lot of work!

If you'd like to check it out, here's the link: http://amzn.to/2jlrWQN

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Make Facebook Your ATM

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Fish Out Of Water (2016)

This quick read by Calvin Wayman offers you a different way of thinking about achieving your goals. Filled with stories, it's easy to relate to and to take his advice and apply it to whatever you're working on. It's worth the read!

Are you a member of IDEA?  If so, then be sure you read “Using Live Video to Promote Your Services” by Amanda Vogel on pages 78 – 82!

In it, Amanda shares how fitness professionals can utilize Live Video streams offered by social media platforms to share your gym's culture and garner trust from your audience.  In addition to her own expertise in fitness and social media, Amanda pulls from three other industry professionals to support her article:

Whereas I can't share the exact article because it's provided to IDEA members only, I can share with you the responses to my interview with Amanda, from which she utilized throughout the article:

Amanda: Can you briefly explain which platforms you have used to broadcast live for your clients and what are your main business objectives for using live video?

Claudia: The primary platform for broadcasting Live that I recommend and utilize for my clients is Facebook Live. The objective is to share with others, the culture of the gym.   This enables viewers to experience the company’s core values.  With so much competition, it’s important to let others experience what it’s like to be a part of something.

Amanda: Why go live? Thinking about using social media for marketing, what are the benefits of live video versus just recording a video and posting the recorded version to social?

Claudia: Recorded videos can come across as scripted, whereas live video is often raw and honest.  You are trusting that the viewer will be accepting of who you are and what you are sharing with them. Going live gives someone who may not have access to you, access to you in real time. It’s a great way to get people to know you, like you, and ultimately trust you.

Amanda: What are the main challenges of using live video on Facebook and other platforms?

Claudia: Most of the challenges with live video are usually technical. They have to do with connection rates and sound. If the connection isn’t solid, the video will cut out. There’s nothing worse than having a video cut out at the wrong time.  To overcome this, make sure that you’re connected to WiFi prior to going live. When it comes to sound, invest in a microphone so that your message comes across as clearly as possible. After the video is published, go back and edit the video to add closed captioning subtitles so that your video can be enjoyed with those who are not able to utilize sound when viewing.

Amanda: What do you think is the most rewarding part of using live video for business purposes?

Claudia: The most rewarding part of using live video for any business is the ability to connect with your audience in a way that you may not have expected. It’s interactive. Viewers can ask questions in real-time and you can respond in real-time. This is extremely powerful.

Amanda: Do you have any advice for fitness pros who want to give live video a try but are feeling reluctant about how to properly leverage this new social tool?

Claudia: Give live video a try. I think you’d be surprised at how quickly you’ll be accepted by your audience. After-all, they are followers and fans because they’re interested in what you have to say. During your broadcast, be yourself, be honest and give the viewer access to something to they wouldn't usually have access to and they will respond positively. After your broadcast, repurpose your video by including them in collateral such as presentations, lectures, or blog posts.

Members of IDEA can access the article here: http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-library/using-live-video-to-promote-your-services

Date: October 21, 2017
Appearance: Quoted in the October 2016 Issue of IDEA Fitness Journal
Outlet: IDEA Fitness Journal
Format: Magazine
Now Available on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Social Media: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Social Media (2016)

Now Available on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Social Media: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With Social Media is the perfect book for the business owner who is unsure as to whether being on social media is good for your business.

This book is for you if:

  • You're unsure which social media platforms you should be using
  • You're unsure as to what types of content you should be posting
  • You aren't sure what to post
  • You want to learn more about the costs of social media marketing
  • You don't have a Social Media Strategy.
  • You want to make social media work for you.

This book is a result of the most common questions Claudia receives from Entrepreneurs who are not sure if they would be on social media or are simply unsure as to where to start.  There are a couple of free bonus items offered in the book that you won't want to miss!

Social Media Etiquette 101: Promoting your event on someone else’s event page without asking.

Partnering with another local event to promote your events together is one thing, but assuming that it's ok to promote your event on another's without having a conversation first is another. This is equivalent to hosting a party, only for “that guy” to show up, without a hostess gift, and start talking about nothing but himself the entire night. Nobody wants to invite “that guy” to the party, so don't be “that guy” online.

Introduction To Facebook Ads

Creating promotions from your Facebook Page

Facebook can get your business in front of your ideal target audience with minimal effort.  I'm not aware of any other channel that does that.  Magazines, television, radio ad, newspaper, and even direct marketing may or may not get you in front of your ideal client.

If you’re like most small business owners, you probably fall into one of the following three categories: (more…)