Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. There's so much that a person has to do just to make it through the day. And, at the end of the day, there may be the wonder of where the day actually went. So how do we, the entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs of the world succeed when there's simply so much to do? We use these peak performance strategies…

Claudia Sheridan and Rick Sessinghaus - Social Media - Golf - Peak PerformanceOver the last year or so, I've had the pleasure of getting to know Rick Sessinghaus. I met Rick through a local marketing group where he and I have the pleasure of speaking at. Whereas I speak about Social Media and Facebook Marketing, Rick shares with us the things we can do to be productive and effective “in” the moment, and every moment. Rick is a Peak Performance Coach.

I've started implementing the tips Rick has provided, and it's made a difference in my day. I'm not only more productive, but I'm much more aware of the moment I'm in.

I asked Rick if he'd be willing to share some tips for our readers and here's what he had to say….

I don't know too much about golf, but it appears to be a great individual sport. What role did playing golf have in showing the importance of being part of a team?

Rick: Golf is one of the best sports because it is an individual sport where the outcome is completely under my control. I liked and disliked that element because there was nowhere to hide. I had to take responsibility for the results I achieved any given day. When I played collegiately for Cal State Northridge, it was unique because you brought together ten individuals to play as a team. In this environment I learned about supporting my teammates, not wanting to let them down, and following the rules of the coach. Similar to an entrepreneur who has to do everything by oneself and might be thrust on a big project that includes other experts to create a team.

[shareable cite=”@ricksessinghaus” text=”‘I had to take responsibility for the results I achieved any given day.' – @ricksessinghaus via @csheridan”]'I had to take responsibility for the results I achieved any given day.'[/shareable]

What does it mean to be a “peak performance” coach?

Rick: I was always fascinated with why one day I played golf at a very high level, and the next day my level went way down. I searched to find out what those factors that contributed to the inconsistency of performance. I went back to school after my competitive golf days and earned my Doctorate in Applied Sports Psychology. I learned that the mental and emotional skills determined my performance far more than my physical skills. So then I became a Peak Performance Coach which for me is identifying the strengths of an individual and/or team and identifying the interference that gets in the way of performing at one's potential. I look at many factors from mindset, to managing emotions, to even nutrition. My role is to identify the ingredients when they are at their best and routines to help make those ingredients show up more often. We have all had those days when we were in the “zone,” and life seemed easy and we were on top of our game. I coach that experience to happen more often.

[shareable cite=”@ricksessinghaus” text=”‘Mental and emotional skills determine performance far more than physical skills' – @ricksessinghaus via @csheridan”]'Mental and emotional skills determine performance far more than physical skills'[/shareable]

What does it mean to be “show up” every day?

Rick: Sports taught me that you couldn't take a day off or your competition will beat you. I have taken that same philosophy into all aspects of my life. How do I want to show up in my career, with my wife, with my children, and the other roles I have? Showing up has to do with my energy level, engagement level, the emotion I bring to an event. Being consistent each day is very important to me. I want to give my best to all the interactions I have throughout the day. That may sound like a tall order, but it is my intention to show up with high energy, focus, and manage my emotions to be that person I wish to be.

[shareable cite=”@ricksessinghaus” text=”‘Sports taught me that you couldn't take a day off or your competition will beat you.' – @ricksessinghaus via @csheridan”]'Sports taught me that you couldn't take a day off or your competition will beat you.'[/shareable]

The word “mindfulness” appears everywhere it seems. What does being mindful mean to you? What should it mean to others?

Rick: For me, mindfulness is about being fully present to the moment. Yes, it may be cliche to say that this moment is all you have, so make the most of it, but it is true. Mindfulness is about paying attention to yourself, to others, and to your environment. In our current society of smartphones, we are losing being mindful of our behavior in the current moment. We are constantly seeking the next moment instead of living the moment we have. This is a trap because we continue to search for something outside of ourselves for happiness when happiness is always within us if we pay attention. To use a golf metaphor, you can only play one shot at a time, so be fully engaged with the present shot. Don't look ahead to where the next shot will be until the last shot is over.

[shareable cite=”@ricksessinghaus” text=”‘Don't look ahead to where the next shot will be until the last shot is over.' – @ricksessinghaus via @csheridan”]'Don't look ahead to where the next shot will be until the last shot is over.'[/shareable]

Being an entrepreneur can be extremely demanding. We are constantly answering to ourselves and others. What is one thing that we can do to take control of that stress so that we can be in the present and be at our best?

Rick: In all professions, we are in a society that is stressed out. The main stress I hear is too much to do and not enough time. I utilized a few tools with my clients. First, you must breathe, yes regain your physiological control by focusing on rhythmic breaths that will shift your attention, begin to minimize stress hormones, and help you get back to a baseline to be able to think straight. Next is how you use self-talk. Most of us beat ourselves up and become negative especially when the pressure is on. We need to use self-talk to remain positive, give ourselves proper direction, and reboot the system. Self-talk leads to asking more empowering questions, like “what is the most important task that I need to do right now that will move me closer to my goal?” Also, ask what emotion do I need to feel to make the next hour of work more productive. Overwhelm is a common feeling and my refocusing on smaller goals you will regain control, thus minimizing stress response.

[shareable cite=”@ricksessinghaus” text=”‘What emotion do I need to feel to make the next hour of work more productive?' – @ricksessinghaus via @csheridan”]'What emotion do I need to feel to make the next hour of work more productive?'[/shareable] ***
Rick Sessinghaus - Golf - Peak Performance Coach
Rick Sessinghaus Psy.D is a proven Mental Coach in sports and business. He is the expert on the mindset principles that make or break performance on and off the course. His coaching has helped top junior, collegiate, and professional golfers reach new levels of performance. Rick has also provided seminars and consulting to business teams and leaders improving their bottom line. Rick's coaching philosophy revolves around his PERFORM performance system. With Rick's PERFORM systems one is evaluated on his or her mental skill, behavior under stress, and technical skills to uncover the best path for improvement. Rick is an expert on the crucial performance factors that PERFORMers need to reach their goals. As a sought after speaker and trainer to those companies looking to improve the key skills of motivation, focus, confidence, and execution, Rick's PERFORM system for mastering the mental game skills has been used in his unique business training format. Rick uses golf as the metaphor for improving business performance. Rick's website to find out how Rick can help you improve your performance.

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