Do you have a Facebook Group? Or maybe, you’re thinking of starting one and adding all of your friends to it?

Here’s what you need to know.

In this article, you’ll discover what Facebook’s latest changes are and what you can do to survive Facebook’s group-apocalypse.

Facebook made some changes that can shake up your group-growing plans up. Earlier this week (1/16), Facebook announced changes that affect Group owners. Here’s a copy of the email I received:

Hi Claudia,

We’re making some updates to how members are invited to your group, and we wanted to share these changes with you. To help ensure people join Facebook Groups that are relevant and meaningful to them, you’ll see the following changes:

Updated Group Invitation — Now, when people are invited to a group, they can accept or decline the invite. Before, people could be added to groups by friends who thought they might be interested in them, and they’d immediately become a member. Some people may have been added to your group, but have never visited it.

Invited Section — In the next few weeks, people who’ve been added to your group — but have never visited it — will appear in the Invited section of your Members list, which only admins and moderators can view. They won’t be considered a member until they accept their invite. This means they will no longer be included in your group’s total member count so you may see a decrease in your group’s total member count.

Reminder Notification — Because you’re an admin, in the next few weeks you’ll be able to send one notification to invited people to remind them to accept or decline the invite to your group.

Thank you for being a community leader.

So what does this all mean?

  • You can no longer build your group by adding all of your friends to a Facebook group – you must invite them.
  • If you did grow your group by adding friends into it, then you probably experienced a drop in membership numbers.
  • People you added weren’t necessarily “removed” per se, but they were placed into a type of group purgatory, the Invited Section, where the decision to join your group is now up to them, rather than up to you. They must accept your invite to be added back into the group.

As a Group Admin, here’s what you can do to get them back…

  • Facebook is allowing you, the Group Admin, to send a SINGLE notification to the people sitting in group purgatory. Remember to send it!
  • If you know the people personally, reach out to them via Facebook Messenger and ask them to either accept the invite or to rejoin the group.
  • Start growing your group again by promoting it to your friends through the Facebook Newsfeed, Email, and other Social Media Channels.

In conclusion, Facebook isn’t trying to sabotage your group, it’s merely trying to make your group more meaningful to the active members within it.  Personally, I find this to be a very positive and much-needed change to the way Groups run on Facebook because it not only ensures that group members want to be in your group, it should also help make the group a bit more active.

What are your thoughts on this change? Was your group affected? What other Group changes would you like to see Facebook make?

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